Independence | Nightmare, forthcoming
Wind Up Teeth | Death in the Mouth, forthcoming
Life in the City | Solarpunk
Forest Thing | Fireside
Do Nothing | Lightspeed
The Field Tiger | Clarkesworld
You Without Me | Midnight & Indigo
The Black Menagerie | FIYAH, reprinted  Lightspeed

*named a notable story in Best American Science Fiction & Fantasy 2021
and Year's Best Dark Fantasy and Horror Vol. II
Thunder Only Happens When It's Raining | Anathema
A Good Mother | Syntax & Salt
The Road to Damascus | The Harvard Advocate

reviews etc.
"Do Nothing" author spotlight by Jude Griffin

"Forest Thing" reviewed by Alex Brown
"The Field Tiger"
reviewed by Charles Payseur

"The Black Menagerie" reviewed by Maria HaskinsA.C. WiseCharles Payseur 
"Thunder Only Happens When It's Raining" reviewed by Charles PayseurMaria Haskins