• Endria Richardson


you know what, crim pro really is incredible, and i dont even mean that in a fake way, but we have all our lives to talk about crim pro. what’s really incredible is the multiverse. you didnt see that coming. or did you? all eventualities man. somewhere, someone saw it comin. everywhere, everyone saw it comin. nowhere, no one (forgive the doub neg) saw it comin? uh oh, logic snafu. its almost as confusin as federal habeas corpus. who wrote this shit?

i know its adorable when i talk about law. its sooo interesting.

ok but what i really want to know is: what are those moments when you access whats really good? you know those moments im talking about (i mean, i can direct you to those posts that are talkin about those moments that im talking about). the ones where you feel you know what happiness is and what’s true, important etc. and you access the best part of everyone and yourself. wouldnt it be awesome to think about those feelings not as a fleeting emotions that pass through you, but as alternate/parallel universes that you pass through? nawmean? you might not. ive been studying rw’s taxonomy of harmless error for the past like 13 hours so im a little off at the moment. then i guess you run into problems of like what the self is. and we all know those questions are above my paygrade.

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