• Endria Richardson

Chaconne for violin: a slow triple meter

If I understood music

the way I understand

that I will never be honest,

perhaps honesty would grace me

like three solo chords

played on a D-minor key:

with almost as much repetition

as it takes to say something true.

And you?

If you understood me

the way I understand

the fleeting dome of heaven is only a light trick:

a patina of high-polymer plastic

underneath a sloping roof,

perhaps you would not be angry.

I lusted for her only as a matter of principle:

variation ensures the illusion of infinitude.

And the other?

We love in a shameless triangle:

me, you, and the hanging ultimatum.

But if I understood that things end

the same way as I know my hands

will continue regardless, to create,

I would not labor, would not shape,

I would not weave the endless illusions

into a gathering net,

where you and I and love


for a moment,

before the thresh.

#peterhoeg #violin #love #poem #classicalmusic #bach

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