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Do Nothing

The Specials – Do Nothing

the older and wiser i get, the more i come to terms with just wanting to do nothing sometimes (ok a lot of the time). sometimes i think itd be a worthy pursuit to just do nothing for a living. but even if you decide to do something else, say, law school, no matter how ILL ADVISED that decision is (thank you new york times for that very fucking timely article), doin nothing is still super important. when else can you let those brain juices just flow and be? im still trying to figur out what im doin here, but one of the compromises ive come to is bein ok with just doing nothing sometimes. like not “I’m Meditating” nothing, or “I’m watching a great Film” nothing, but just nothing. dicking around wasting time etc etc. here is my advice to you all: do nothing. just do it. maybe youll have some revelations.

Look, i know copying lyrics down is soo seventh grade of me, but drop the attitude for a second and allow me the pleasure,

They’re just living in a life without meaning I walk and walk, do nothing They’re just playing in a life without thinking They talk and talk, say nothing I’m just living in a life without feeling I walk and walk, I’m dreaming I’m just living in a life without feeling I talk and talk, say nothing I’m just living in a life without meaning I walk and walk, do nothing

the Specials were the band of my heart from ages 14-19. in many ways they still are. you never forget your first love.

i snapped to around minute 6 of my property class this morning adn realized i was actually payin attention. i didnt really know how to feel about that. part of me is glad the old habits kicked in and seem to be kickin me back to high gear without checkin twice. but a bigger part of me’s mournin that side of myself i got in touch with over break. the part that’s a lot more open, a lot more questioning, a lot more in touch with myself and what really matters to me. the part that feels a lot more like me and a lot less like the bullshit i buy into once i start gettin scared about future and bad decisions an what have you, although i bet you could and will say that those things are “me” too. and you know what i say to you, dont you. yeah. you know.

im not sayin its gone for good…but i do think once the academic comes back, the artist does to a certain extent check out.


ill have to let you know. check back in 5.

you know what i also wanted to say something about people and how we all get trapped in this superficial reading of people and why they do things. i was at this tattoo shop the other day (id give a shoutout to them for their excellent work but i dont want to be talkin shit about a named person, so instead i will just talk my anonymous shit and prevent an ass beating, because since sooooo many people read this blog im sure it would find its way back to her. and she was hot as hell too, so id like to preserve my rep), and i was talking to this lady, and she happens to be covered basically eyeballs to feet with tats (actually neck to wrists is all that i saw, i dont know what else because i did not get the chance to check), and it definitely works for her, it looks great, but it is what some would call a ballsy thing to do and one that is likely to get you a lot of attention if you do it. anyways, there’s this guy who dances around outside her tattoo shop with no shirt on, and she was super hating on him the whoel time, like, dude this guy is so annoying he’s just doin that to get attention etc etc. and i was like, you really think its just to get attention? and i didnt say anything else cus this was not the time to be starting shit, but i was surprised that she wouldnt look any farther than that. cus im sure a ton of people might look at her and be like bitch is an attention whore, and she might not appreciate that. so why start calling out other people when maybe he just likes the feeling of dancing around outside on the corner. maybe it makes him feel free. and THEN i was like, why am i makin all these assumptions about this lady and how free minded she is based on her tattoos? damn. i was falling into the trap i myself was ridiculing. when does it stop. when does it stop.

these are the QUESTIONS.

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