• Endria Richardson

no EZ meals.

there are also no easy meals. and if you think there are, you’ll find out halfway into eating your soggy spinach and old green beans and gross eggs that you want to puke, and you will THINK AGAIN.

it’s a lot harder to keep writing here when you’re actually trying to keep up with reading. dammit. the man got me again! but relax folks, just because im keeping up on my academic game this quarter does not mean i have forsaken you. look at this tasty little something:

who knew how attractive the lead singer of the band was? who knew what a farce it would be to google “who is the lead singer of the band”?. it was almost like having a clown jump out from the search box being like “GGGHHWWWAAAAAT BAND AYUCK AYUCK AYUCK”

these are the problems i encounter everyday of my life. every goddamn day. and just a note for those of you who thought international law was going to be interesting/compelling/useful/engaging. you were incorrect.

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