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on approaching one’s birthday

ok phew i got caught up playing wii just dance, which is a workout and a half. which reminds me, i keep meaning to write something about running. dont let me forget. firstly, however

what’s this about amy chua?

I think there are two things going on here that need to be worked out.

(a) the problem with raising your kids to be successful, and (b) the problem with Amy Chua’s version of raisin her kids to be successful

the problem clearly, is with (a). (b) is just an offshoot of (a), and it’s not even the worst offshoot of (a) there is. (b) might be more constructive than the bullshit wheedling away at kids self-worth and self-esteem that happens in harvard-bound homes aaaalll over the country.

I feel like the biggest reason people are upset about Chua is because she’s being honest. A lot of parents want their kids to get A’s, and they’ll show their disapproval other ways than by telling them they’re disappointed. Maybe it’ll just show up on their face or voice, but kids are like dogs, and they can tell you’re disappointed in them. attacking the tiger mother’s methods is just hypocritical for a lot of people. you know what, ive been sick for the past few days and it is not helping out my flow. let me come back to this topic another day.

A few notes on getting older. As I approach the quarter century mark (next week ladies, mark your calenders) certain things are happening. I have discovered eye makeup, which if i recall my developmental targets correctly, should mean i am well on my way to becoming a healthy, normal 14 year old girl, but you know what, no one likes a smartass, and absolutely no one likes someone who hit all their developmental targets on time.

I am tending more and more to invert certain letters, like when im typing what and that (it actually just took a few tries), and worse, “that’s what” or “what’s that”…oh boy, that what’s and what that’s are aplenty. does this happen to everyone? maybe i have that brain eating amoeba thats been going around.

it also takes me a lot longer to get things done (ive been writing this post for a few days now), and way harder to stay on task (it was actually supposed to be about amy chua), but my focus on some things has improved (youtube ten minute tutorials on how to apply smudged eyeliner. justin bieber eat your heart out).

i’m also craving certain foods lately, although that could be for all sorts of reasons. since i’m a big believer in listening to your cravings, i wonder what it means that i’m craving cheezits, ramen and hot chocolate. also, those welch’s fruit snacks. what’s going on? you know what, this post isnt going anywhere and im not going to force it to.

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