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Small People

There are some small people going on in this town.  For instance, many of the people who commented on The Beautiful Struggler‘s post about white people staying home from the election were very, very small. 

And the man I bought my OJ from this morning down the street from my house in Brooklyn, New York’s blackest boro.  It was disarming because the whole conversation was very mild mannered, taken in much the same tone as you would ask “So, what do you think of the Tropicana orange juice you just bought?”

What do you really think of this guy [points to Obama face on the newspaper]

Oh I really like him.

No what do you really think of this guy?

Oh I mean, I really like him.

But do you think he can really lead the White House like all the other presidents have?

Yeah yeah I do.  What, you don’t?

Well…Look at him.  Look at what he looks like.

Are you saying because he’s black?

I’m saying it and I’m not saying it.  I’m saying do you really think he can lead like all the other presidents?

He’s half black, I’m half black.

[not missing a beat] Yeah, but you’re sweet.  He’s no good.

Well I’m sorry you feel that way. 

My lame comeback aside, what a jerk.  He wasn’t even white, which does make it worse.  Because not only am I mad at you, I’m sad at you.  Poor brown internalized racism man.  

Even without some guy being casually racist about my black president in my presence, this week has already been a doozy in terms of the ever-present mixed-race confusion complex.  I’ll write more later.  Work responsibilities having manifest themselves in the past couple weeks, I’m finding less and less time to blog.  Alas.

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