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the sunday blues

the tricky thing about them is that it doesn’t matter what day of the week it is, as long as youve been kicking back having a blast forgetting all of your responsibilities until the last moment and then BLAMO

it is sunday (or whatever) night and you have to get up the next morning and reeeaaaaaddddddd and go to property.

and if you dont happen to have property tomorrow it doesnt even make it any better.

and all you want to do is curl up with a kitten and watch 30 rock or wallace & grommit or even the proposal, because even though you at first thought it sucked because you found it totally unbelievable that they fell in love after all that, and EVEN THOUGH ryan reynolds is so unattractive, not even attractive in that jerk way, just an ugh god youre so gross bro, and EVEN THOUGH they could have done so much more with the premise and sandra bullock is usually soo cute, you at the last moment, right before calling it in as a bad job, remembered that david and susan hate each other throughout bringing up baby, until the end when susan climbs up the brontasaurus and david suddenly realizes he’s in love with her, and you’re socks were still charmed right off even though there was really no romantic buildup at all. and you remember that critics and audiences alike hated bringing up baby when it came out, only to be so sadly proven wrong when the world realized it for the comedic masterpiece it was, and you dont want to be on the wrong side of the proposal train do you? i thought not.

anyways, sometimes curling up with a kitten and watching other people’s netflix instant view just isnt an option, and not only because you dont happen to have a kitten (a puppy would be even better). so what do we do to make our sunday blues go away? there are several options, all of which i’ve tried at some point or another today.

– eat a some granola (but only if you have a self-restraint that i lack, because this will inevitably become eating a lot of granola, and then you have the sunday blues + the post sugar blues and that might be the worst combination known to man) – take a nap (but only if you didnt sleep enough last night, not if its because you just ate 3 bowls of granola and soy milk and are post hyperglycemic fit) – watch wallace & grommit – watch 30 rock, any season – print out your reading so you feel like you’ve been productive – drink a lot of glasses of water – drink some orange juice (maybe your potassium’s low) – cook a real dinner, with protein and a lot of vegetables, to counteract the box of granola you ate – read a few pages of Inside of a Dog, for a fresh perspective – get a puppy! – make some rooibos or other non-caffeinated beverage, so that you won’t have trouble falling asleep tonight, no honey – google images for tattoos – exercise, preferably aerobically – clean your room, including vaccuum or sweeping – read part of your reading, even if its only a page or two, to ease you into the swing of things, so that when you return full blast, you’ll be presently surprised to see you’ve already accomplished some of it (even if its only a page or two) – write in your blog, even if it is just a list – write down a list of things you are supposed to do (make sure you include things like “make a list”, and “eat dinner” so that you’ll be sure to have at least some items checked off by the end of the day) – email some people you were supposed to email – AVOID FACEBOOK (this is impossible) – do your reading with friends – take a shower and put on some makeup, even if you are about to go climbing or exercising – do a 30 minute intensive conditioning to your hair – do laundry (good idea, brb) – decide you’re going to get up really early tomorrow morning – listen to your favorite more energizing album (I suggest MGMT, but elton john, jorge ben, and even joni mitchell can also be nice, as long as you are listening to a full album. no playlists or shuffle) – make your bed – make a schedule for your week – talk on skype with someone, but maybe not someone you miss a lot. that might make sunday blues even worse – wash the dishes – make your work space neat – meditate – look at adoptable dogs on petfinder.com – dont stay up too late – plan out your breakfast and outfit for the next day – look on craigslist for apartments for next year

or, you can stop trying to avoid the inevitable, and simply wallow. turn off your lights, or keep them on, relish in the messiness of your room that you told yourself you would have allll three days of the weekend to clean, frown, wear your most baggy and comfy clothes, refuse to comb or condition your hair, nestle in your unmade bed, and simply think about how bad everything is and how much the week should always begin the day after tomorrow.

but always brush your teeth, no matter how much youve committed to wallowing.

you must listen to this song: I guess that's why they call it the blues

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