• Endria Richardson

truth like a lonely man at 3 in the mornin EST

heres the thing. you can never know if what youre doin at any one time is gonna remain the right thing to have done once you get to the point at which youve already done it. linear theories of time bein those generally accepted at the moment, knowin that what you’re doin in the present is going to be a cause for some kind of effect in the future (reading ei powell –> immediate enlightenment) but not knowin what that effect is going to be, or whether its going to be the effect either present you OR future you wants is enough to set any mind spinning. well, its enough to set this mind spinning. whether i set the mind-spinning bar too high or low is not the point to be discussed, amongst myself or amongst any of you.

you are correct. i am reading a brief history of time. it was thinner than anna karenina and also on hand at just the right intersection of new book craving/free time availability. but it might be more than my closet neurotic mind can handle? what? whos neurotic? not me.

the main conclusion ive come to is that you sir are shit out of luck.

please apply this conclusion to any major or minor premise you choose. for instance: there are no easy answers.* thus, you, search-for-easy-answer-er, are shit out of luck. once you start expecting easy answers the hard ones come and moosh you in the face. and nothin is as infuriatin as a well deserved moosh to the face.

blamo. words of wisdom from yours truly, powell. and a good night to you all.

*there are some easy answers: Is tina fey better than jesus? yes. Can Kristin Stewart act? no. What’s the square root of sixty-nine? I’ve been tryna work it out — Drake.

Is “I don’t know” an answer? an EASY answer at that? I don’t know. BRAINTEASER!

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