• Endria Richardson


Updated: Nov 10

I don’t know what to say. I have drifted. One thing I believe is that there is a truth. Funny that I say I am agnostic. Pull up and see my mind from up above and it’s not the mind of someone who doesn’t believe there’s a wrong way and right way. It is all painted in some grand, symbolic, convoluted design that I believe will be translated into the truth, or integrity, on the judgment day I believe will come. I believe there is a right way, and I try to walk it. And I believe that way is false, so I lament myself.

Can you tell I am reading Cormac McCarthy? Can you tell I am assessing my life again. Can you tell I do not know from whence I came, to where I go. The types of truths I hold aren’t good for anything, but they are my own my own my own.

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